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What Does It Take to Interest Schools in New Sport?

Personally, I do not have a sufficient network of sport-minded people around me to pull together my own teams and play either Two Ball or Delta. I have to reach out and seek people who can gather sufficient numbers of potential players. The proof of the games lies in the playing. I and nobody else can determine if Two Ball or Delta are worth sport-minded people's participation until somebody actually plays the games. This website gives me one way to reach those who could gather athletic people into Two Ball or Delta teams.

In addition to presenting the Twenty-first Century's new team field sports of Two Ball and Delta here on the World Wide Web and on Facebook, I have sought bring the games into the school system. More than with any other situation, schools have large numbers of potential participants all together at a single site, many of whom hold a strong interest in sport. Deep within me, I feel both games should enjoy enthusiastic participation from athletic students, either within Physical Education classes or as intramural sport.

Several years ago, rather than waiting on interest to develop out of chance encounters with this website, I made personal contact with Physical Education teachers at all the secondary schools in my local school district, both by phone and by e-mail, then supplied each with a copy of the rules of the games at their request. Subsequently, I refreshed that contact with each new school year until the local Assistant District Superintendent of Schools whose responsibilities included Physical Education asked me to stop and direct all further communication through him. None of my local schools ever got back to me about the games, nor did the Assistant District Superintendent, even when I offered to give a workshop to Physical Education teachers at a district teacher professional development event. I will again refresh personal contact into my local school district but feel stymied as to how I can interest schools into giving the games a try.

I have also offered the games to schools in other nearby school districts and to private schools, mostly by direct contact with Physical Education teachers or with Principals. None have yet taken enough interest in the games to seek to try them or get back to me with any indication of any interest whatsoever. I welcome guidance as to how I may interest schools.

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