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As Playing Fields Dry

Spring approaches. As snow comes off playing fields or they dry into playable condition (that is, in the northern hemisphere – in the southern hemisphere you will want to take autumn playing opportunities before winter renders playing fields unplayable), now is the time to add new sport to your outdoor field play repertoire. Give Two Ball and/or Delta a try.

Do you have the circle of sport enthusiasts around you to pull teams together for experimental play? New sport challenges, new skill demands, new strategy and game play tactics, all bring new excitement to your sporting experience. Give Two Ball and/or Delta a try.

Are you a school seeking new Physical Education or intramural sport experiences with which to challenge your students? Take a look at the rules of the games and give Two Ball and/or Delta a try.

Are you a community sport group looking to vary your participants game play with new sport or to take on whole new sport as your playing focus? Offer to serve as the Two Ball and Delta organizer in your community and give the games a try.

Have you already given Two Ball and/or Delta a try? Please tell about your experiences with the game(s).

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