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Single Handed Ball Play?

For both Two Ball and Delta, the rules of the games specify that any player may catch, hold, carry, or throw a ball in play, but no player, except a Goal Tender while inside that Goal Tender’s own goal circle may grasp a ball.  Grasp, for the purposes of the games of Two Ball and Delta, is defined as a player catching, holding, carrying, or throwing the ball with more than one part of the body in contact with the ball at one time including, but not limited to, both hands or one hand and the trunk.  That is to say that Ball Handler action with any ball in play must be with one hand only.  This requirement is intended to enhance game play safety while adding the challenge of an extra element of risk to player action.

•Does the risk of losing ball control with single handed ball contact contribute to the challenge and excitement of Two Ball and Delta game play?

•Does easier potential for losing ball control enhance the safety of Ball Handlers by removing opportunity for inappropriate body contact?

•Is the skill required to control a ball with a single hand appropriate for players at all stature levels?

•Or should Ball Handlers at selected smaller stature levels be permitted to play a ball with more than the single point of contact?

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