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As Playing Fields Dry

Who are you, and how can you get outdoors to take on new sport as your local playing fields become playable with spring (that is, in the northern hemisphere – in the southern hemisphere you will want to take autumn playing opportunities before winter renders playing fields unplayable)?

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Single Handed Ball Play?

Is the single handed ball play rule appropriate?

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Goal Totem?

As specified within the rules of the games, the Two Ball and Delta goal totems may be of any shape but circular in cross section throughout their entire height, no shorter than 120 centimetres, standing on a 15 centimetre base, and no less than 20 centimetres at their greatest diameter. The totems' centres of mass may not be lower than 30 centimetres above their bases. Variations on the rules permit other objects to be used as totems.

•Are the totems, as specified, stable standing on their goal surfaces?

•Or are they too unstable for fair and reasonable play?

•Do they make a sufficient but not too easy a target for ball handlers to throw at?

•Are they defendable by the goal tenders without undue risk of a goal tender accidentally knocking them over?


Would You Play?

You may have viewed information on the games, considered the more detailed basics, taken a copy of the rules of the games.

•Now, would you play these games?

•If you would, why?

•If you would not, why not?

•Can you draw sport-minded people together to join you to play these games?


126 Copies of Rules Taken

126 copies of the rules of the games for Two Ball and Delta have been taken from the books section of the iTunes store, 82 by people in Canada and the U. S. A., 35 by people in Europe, and 9 by people around Asia/Pacific. Others have taken the free copy of the rules, here on this Two Ball and Delta web site. I have released these rules free of any cost with trust in the honour of those who take them that they will readily share with me their experiences with the games or simply on reading the rules. Disappointingly, only one person has offered any feedback so far, valued thoughts from reading the rules. I cannot improve the games in a vacuum and certainly welcome all feedback from those who take the rules, participate in the games, or simply view this web site.

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