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As Playing Fields Dry

Who are you, and how can you get outdoors to take on new sport as your local playing fields become playable with spring (that is, in the northern hemisphere – in the southern hemisphere you will want to take autumn playing opportunities before winter renders playing fields unplayable)?

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Goal Surface?

As specified within the rules of the games, the Two Ball and Delta goal surface is a circular surface of unspecified construction that must be mounted level (as determined by a spirit level) on the playing field, no more than ten centimetres above the highest point on the ground beneath it. It is one metre in radius and supported at four points, one at its centre and three on its circumference.

•Is the goal surface a challenge to design and build for a non-professional organization?

•Or is it within the realm of capability for amateur builders?

•Does the support for the goal surface present undue risk of the goal tender accidentally knocking the goal totem over?

•Or does this risk enhance the excitement in unpredictability of the games?


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