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Team Size?

As specified within the rules of the games, the Two Ball and Delta teams consist of twelve players each, seven on the field at one time. I set this number to provide for open play, giving lots of room for players to run, throw, and catch while limiting player congestion and need for physical contact among opposing players.

•Is this team size too large?

•Too small?

•Just right for exciting, open game play?

Why do you think so?


Goal Totem?

As specified within the rules of the games, the Two Ball and Delta goal totems may be of any shape but circular in cross section throughout their entire height, no shorter than 120 centimetres, standing on a 15 centimetre base, and no less than 20 centimetres at their greatest diameter. The totems' centres of mass may not be lower than 30 centimetres above their bases. Variations on the rules permit other objects to be used as totems.

•Are the totems, as specified, stable standing on their goal surfaces?

•Or are they too unstable for fair and reasonable play?

•Do they make a sufficient but not too easy a target for ball handlers to throw at?

•Are they defendable by the goal tenders without undue risk of a goal tender accidentally knocking them over?


Goal Surface?

As specified within the rules of the games, the Two Ball and Delta goal surface is a circular surface of unspecified construction that must be mounted level (as determined by a spirit level) on the playing field, no more than ten centimetres above the highest point on the ground beneath it. It is one metre in radius and supported at four points, one at its centre and three on its circumference.

•Is the goal surface a challenge to design and build for a non-professional organization?

•Or is it within the realm of capability for amateur builders?

•Does the support for the goal surface present undue risk of the goal tender accidentally knocking the goal totem over?

•Or does this risk enhance the excitement in unpredictability of the games?


Ball Size?

Until such time as manufacture of the balls specified by the Two Ball and Delta rules exists, the rules provide that common playground balls may be used in place of regulation balls. In fact the Two Ball and Delta ball, as specified, is based on an actual playground ball of a size to fit in my own open hand, gripped without permitting me to close my hand on it. Players should confidently hold, carry, catch, grab, or throw the ball with a single hand, yet without so sure a grip as to preclude experiencing some risk of losing control of the ball, dropping it, or having it grabbed away. The balls are scaled for player stature.

•Are the ball sizes correct to meet their intended usage in play?

•Too big?

•Too small?


Field Size?

I have had feedback suggesting that the Two Ball and Delta fields are too big. The full sized fields are 100 metres long but the goals are only 50 metres apart. Scaled fields are reduced to suit player stature. I have set field dimensions quite deliberately to encourage open action during play while reducing the possibility of balls out of play. The most intense action should occur near or along the centre lines while mid field action towards the sides of the fields or in back fields would be more strategic.

•Are the fields too large?

•too small?

•appropriately sized?


Would You Play?

You may have viewed information on the games, considered the more detailed basics, taken a copy of the rules of the games.

•Now, would you play these games?

•If you would, why?

•If you would not, why not?

•Can you draw sport-minded people together to join you to play these games?


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